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Microbiology and Immunology Faculty

Microbiology faculty within the Molecular Pathology training program are interested in human diseases involving bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses. Students interested in microbiology may select either a customized, focused training program (Microbiology Program Time-Table) or a more general training program in which microbiology classes are selected as electives (General Curriculum Time-Table). The Microbiology training program represents the combined efforts of faculty from UCSD School of Medicine, the Departments of Biology and Biochemistry, Scripps Institute of Oceanography, and San Diego State University. As such, it affords broad microbiology training, and focuses on open questions and emerging mechanisms within the field. (Research Overview, Additional Microbiology Activities)

Immunology faculty focus on basic mechanisms of acquired and innate immunity, and the molecular basis of autoimmune disease. which is a breakdown in the mechanisms of self tolerance. Monthly conferences on cutting-edge topics in immunity and auto-immunity are combined with a discussion of specific cases of autoimmune disease being treated by research physicians. (Additional Immunity/Autoimmune Disease Activities)


Katerina Akassoglou UCSD SOM Autoimmune CNS disease, multiple sclerosis. New mouse models for multiple sclerosis.
Jack Bui UCSD SOM Immunologic recognition of tumors
Dennis Carson UCSD SOM Autoimmune Disease, Cancers of the lymphoid tissues
Jack Dixon UCSD SOM Phosphatases in cell division/cancer, axonal pathfinding, and bacterial pathogenesis. Functions of yersinia (Plague) virulence proteins.
Lars Eckmann UCSD SOM Cellular and molecular pathogenesis of enteric infections. Mechanisms of intestinal host defense and inflammation.
Joshua Fierer UCSD SOM Polymorphonuclear leukocytes and innate immunity to Salmonella infections in mice. Acquired and natural immunity to Coccidioides immitis.
Richard Gallo UCSD SOM Antimicrobial defense mechanisms. Innate immune mechanisms in skin and saliva. Bactericidal peptides.
Frances Gillin UCSD SOM Molecular biology of the Giardia life cycle. Giardia pathology.
John Guatelli UCSD SOM Nef protein function in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection.
Ziwei Huang Burnham Receptor-ligand interactions and signal transduction cascades underlying human disease, with a focus on apoptosis
Martin Kagnoff UCSD SOM Mucosal immunity and inflammation, host mucosal responses to microbial infection, inflammatory bowel disease and celiac disease.
Michael Karin UCSD SOM Signaling through TNF receptors, MAP kinases, and NF-kB in normal and cancer cells. Host-pathogen signaling mechanisms. Pathogen virulence mechanisms.
Thomas Kipps UCSD SOM Immunology, Gene therapy, Lymphoma, Neoplasia, Chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Arthritis
Robert Liddington Burnham Crystallography of adhesion proteins. Integrin signaling in normal and cancer cells. Virulence factor-host interactions.
Thomas Mustelin Burnham Tyrosine phosphatases, cell cycle regulation. T cell activation. T cell receptor signaling.
Victor Nizet UCSD SOM Streptococcal virulence mechanisms. Invasion. Bacterial infections, meningitis, toxic shock.
Sharon Reed UCSD SOM Virulence factors in protozoan parasites, Entamoeba histolytica; Toxoplasma gondii.
Douglas Richman UCSD SOM Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) neutralization, immune evasion.
Robert Rickert Burnham B cell signaling during antigen stimulation
Deborah Spector UCSD Biology Molecular biology & pathogenesis of Human Cytomegliovirus (HCMV), birth defects.
Robert Terkeltaub UCSD SOM Mechanisms of osteoarthritis
Bruce Torbett Scripps Transcription regulation in myeloid differentiation. Myeloid leukemia. HIV protease structure/function and HIV resistance mechanisms.
Ajit Varki UCSD SOM Sialic-acid-binding proteins in innate immunity and tumor metastasis. Sialic acids in host-pathogen interactions.
Joseph Vinetz UCSD SOM Malaria and leptospirosis. Strategies of blocking malaria transmission. Mechanisms leptospirosis pathogenesis.
Ian Wilson Scripps Crystallography of cancer targets, HIV proteins, and immunoreceptors.


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